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Yoga 2U provides high quality, fun and effective Yoga, Pilates and exercise sessions for individuals and groups in homes and workplaces.


Sessions are designed around your needs in a location that works for you. Everything from Pregnancy Pilates in your living room, circuits in your local park to Downdog in your office.




Connect with your body, energize and reduce stress

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Build strength and stamina, improve health through movement, rehabilitation and recovery 


Improve posture and stability, strengthen core, bring balance to your body

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Reduce stress, build morale and motivation, increase productivity


My name is Kathy Wren and I am a Yoga, Fitness and Pilates teacher based in Woodstock, Oxfordshire. 

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With almost 20 years experience teaching in London, Bristol and North Queensland, my passion is helping people of all ages and fitness levels to get healthier, happier and more mobile.  I am qualified to teach people who are living with long-term medical conditions or recovering from illness so you know you are in safe hands.


As a Yoga and Pilates teacher I can help you connect body and mind to build strength, flexibility and stability while releasing stress and tension in you body.

As a Level 4 Exercise Referral Personal Trainer and Cancer Rehabilitation Instructor, I will ensure you do this in a safe and effective way if you have medical conditions to consider.

I love working with people who may be new to exercise and want to get a healthier and stronger or maybe just build their confidence to go to the gym or start a new class.

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Mindful Movement designed around your body

If you have been advised by your doctor to exercise in order to improve a medical condition or would just like to become more flexible and mobile, private sessions could be for you. 

Maybe you have heard about the benefits of Yoga and would like to learn the basics before joining a class? Have you tried Pliates but not sure you are doing it right?

Yoga 2U can come to your home or garden and provide Yoga, Pilates or fitness training depending on your preference. To find our more about the benefits of yoga and Pilates click below.

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Whether you want to get flexible with friends or improve your posture with your partner, group sessions will deliver a high standard class that is affordable, effective and fun. Your class will be tailored to the needs of your group with options and alternatives provided for varied abilities.

Yoga 2U love teaching groups and will happily teach as many people as you can fit in your venue. Classes can take place in a living room or garden or if you have a larger group it maybe possible to find a local hall or community room. You can expect a professional and motivating class no matter the venue.


Let us know your goals are and what you enjoy and we will design the right class for you. Music, mats and props can be provided if required.


Contact me for more information about group sessions.

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Yoga 2U can provide wellness solutions for employers by delivering professional, effective Yoga and Pilates classes for employees within the workplace. 

Physical activity is proven  to improve physical, mental and emotional health.  These effective and inclusive classes at lunchtime or before or after work will energise your team and help to build healthy habits for a productive workforce.

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Physical Activity has been identified as one  the most effective ways to assist Cancer Rehabilitation and can also improve many other common medical conditions including diabetes, heart disease, back pain and mental health problems.

As a fully qualified Exercise Referral Trainer and L4 Cancer Rehabilitation Specialist, I am experienced in supporting people with complex physical and mental health conditions to build strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness safely.

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Woodstock, Oxfordshire

07751 163714

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